Middle School Camp

Middle School Camp is designed for 6th-8th grade students. This is the highlight event of every Summer! We have made some changes this year that are sure to add some incredible moments to your experience! You will not want to miss this amazing week!


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A Ton of Fun!

This year we are offering a number of what we are calling "tracks." These are the options for students during the Monday afternoon of Middle School Camp. Different tracks that are offered this year are detailed below. Each student needs to sign up for one track.

Basketball - 3v3 tournament, sponsored and refereed by the Bethel College Basketball Team

Volleyball - 6v6 sand tournament, sponsored and refereed by the Bethel College Volleyball Team

Nerf - The World’s Biggest and Best Nerf Arena, filled with all of the Nerf guns and ammo you can imagine! Spend the afternoon playing a variation of games and battles!

Build - Thousands (and we mean thousands!) of Legos and Marble Run tracks! Let your imagination run wild as you spend your afternoon building!

Art - Cookies + Canvas painting…you’ll leave with a full stomach and a really cool piece of art!

Vocal - The Bethel College Worship Department will show you the ropes of performing and recording, including some time in the recording studio!

Serve - We are partnering with Transformation Ministries in South Bend, IN to help clean-up their ministry area in the Keller Park neighborhood

Drama - The Bethel College Drama Department will train you in putting together a skit that will be performed on stage during a main session!

Tech - Ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes with all of the lights, sound, and video?! You’ll spend the afternoon learning from some of the best, and then get a chance to help run tech during a main session!