High School Camp

High School Camp is the best week of the Summer! This year will be no different! We have a ton of awesome stuff coming your way including Urban Rescue for worship, dynamic speakers, lots of opportunities to have fun with your friends, and a chance to take another step with Jesus this June!

Leading the Way

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Key Events @ High School Camp 2018

Sports Tournaments, Lots of Free Time Activities, Live to Serve, Breakouts, Small Groups, a TAWG Experience, and so much more! Get your friends and get signed up ASAP!

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New for 2018:

New to High School Camp this year are breakout seminars. On both Thursday and Saturday afternoon, in addition to the sports tournaments, you will have the opportunity to go deeper. 

Thursday Breakouts (2:3:20/3:30-5p): the breakouts on Thursday are intended to give you a chance to work on your skills and to explore your gifts. Choose from:

1. Worship Leading - Get some coaching from excellent worship leaders and get the chance to learn more about what it means to truly lead in worship.

2. Student Leadership - You have always wanted to lead, but you haven't had a clear picture of what that looked like. Jump in and get some perspective to show your church and your youth pastor just what you meant. Presented by Christian Brenner

3. Tech Skills - Maybe you want to learn how to run sound, run a camera, or help the worship teams by running projection. Here you will get some new ways to jump in!

4. Communication Skills - Whether it is facilitating a discussion up front, learning how to deliver short devotions, or just helping lead a game, communication is a huge way to help build your group. Presented by Bethel Professor Keith Koteskey

5. Pro-Life Apologetics - Perhaps one of the most controversial topics today is the topic of Life. We need to be prepared to defend our stance on this subject. Join this breakout for some very clear and simple ways to defend life in a practical way. Presented by Dr. Christina Francis

You will sign up for these with your youth pastor during your first team time on Wednesday of HSC.

Saturday Breakouts (2-3:20/3:30-5p): The breakouts on Saturday are intended to help students go deeper in their walk with Jesus. These are more topical and will feature  Q & A session at the end of each of them. Choose from:

1. Dealing with Grief -Whether it is how we deal with grief in a personal way, or how we help others deal with it, there are some things we can do to better understand and deal with grief. Presented by Jon Swanson

2. Daily Apologetics - Every day, we face the opportunity to present the gospel. But how do we do that in a world that is growing in its opposition to Christianity. Learn how to better prepare to give an answer for our faith. Presented by Peter Heck

3. Racial Tensions Today - It seems that race and the things that divide people of different skin colors and ethnic backgrounds is all over the place. So, what is the responsibility of a student who is following Jesus? How do we engage the conversation with the gospel?