Mission Statement

CDYC exists to engage students with God and others, through defining moments, real community and intentional fun.

CDYC is for Students

Since 1973, CDYC has been engaging students during 1 week in the summer to equip them for the other 51 weeks of the year.  Immersed in purposeful activities and loads of fun, students have continually been experiencing opportunities to connect with God and others, creating lasting memories and encounters that have altered the trajectories of their lives.

CDYC is for Youth Groups

Believing in the local church and the local youth ministry of that church, CDYC seeks to create space and defining moments to equip youth groups in finding identity, real community and honest engagement with each other so that students will embrace all that Jesus has in store for them. 

CDYC is for the World

Students possess a purpose that extends beyond simply existing in their youth group, attending a conference or experiencing a season of their lives. Jesus desires to direct all of us to unite with His purpose, which can extend to the ends of the earth.   

Engaging students with projects larger than their own strength and equipping them with ideas and tools, CDYC desires to fuel a student’s faith in Jesus that goes beyond their youth group days. We accomplish this through content and activities that stretch the mind, heart and imagination of every student who attends camp.

Where does CDYC happen?

Middle School Camp and High School Camp happen on the campus of Bethel University! Click here to learn more.